TR90-Weight Management Products

TR90 (The Right Approach)-Weight Management Products is a patented weight management program for long-term weight control to help boost metabolism, reduce carbohydrate cravings, and maintain normal cortisol levels.

TR90 JumpstartTR90 Jumpstart

Getting a good start is important to ensure success in weight loss management. Ageloc TR90 JumpStart provides the necessary boost in promoting normal metabolism, support lean muscle mass, and control appetite. It is perfect to get a person primed and ready for a success weight management program.



This product helps to make it easier to stay on the path to a success weight management. It helps to control appetite, reduce food cravings and support a positive mood and mindset for enhanced willpower. It is formulated to help maintain a healthy body.



This product contains an exclusive phytochemical blend based on innovative science. It helps to get healthy metabolism back on track and maintain lean muscle. It is a great way to get the body back on track.


TR90 TrimshakeTrimshake

It is a meal replacement with high quality protein that the body muscles need. It also helps to reduce food cravings by producing feeling of satiety. It is best to replace this with heaviest meal of the day.



Contains PolmerPlex, a form of fiber ingredient chitosan, which is derived from crustacean shells. Chitosan differs from other fibers in that it possesses a positive ionic charge while other fibers are neutral or negatively charged. This positive charge gives chitosan the potential to attract and chemically bind with negatively charged fats, bile acids, and other negatively charged molecules present in the digestive tract. Chitosan also has the potential to absorb many times its own weight of fats in foods. It absorbs fat, trapping them and excretes them out of the body. Chitosan absorbed small particles of fat and wrap them up in natural polymer clumps. The body is unable to break up these clumps and therefore excrete them as waste.

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