How Many Calories That You Need In A Day?

A lot of people talks about calories when it comes to weight loss management. Calories are a measurement of amount of energy in food. By knowing how many calories are in our food, we can plan and manage our food intake and also balance it with exercise.

There are a lot of websites or application that can help to calculate the calories that a person needed based on certain information required. You can also manually calculate based on some formula which I will provide it here.

5 Steps to Calculate Your Calories

Step 1 : Estimate Your Body Basic Energy Needs – Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR)

Age Men Women
18 to 30 [15.3 x weight (in kilograms)] + 679 [14.7 x weight (in kilograms)] + 496
30 to 60 [11.6 x weight (in kilograms)] + 879 [8.7 x weight (in kilograms)] + 829
Older than 60 [13.5 x weight (in kilograms)] + 487 [10.5 x weight (in kilograms)] + 596


You can use the above table to calculate your BMR.

Example: Mr. Alex is 45 years old male who weighs 74.5 kilograms.

74.5 kilograms x 11.6 = 864.2 calories

864.2 calories + 879 calories = 1,743.20 calories

The number of calories that his body needs at complete rest to function is around 1,743.20 calories.


Step 2 : Determine Your Activity Factor Value

How Active Are You?
If, Throughout Most of Your Day, Your Activities Include Your Activity Level Is Your Activity Factor Is
Sitting or standing; driving; painting; doing laboratory work; sewing, ironing, or cooking; playing cards or a musical instrument; sleeping or lying down; reading; typing Very light 0.2
Doing garage, electrical, carpentry, or restaurant work; house-cleaning; caring for children; playing golf; sailing; light exercise, such as walking for no more than 2 miles; office work Light 0.3
Heavy gardening or housework, cycling, playing tennis, skiing, or dancing; very little sitting Moderate 0.4
Heavy manual labor such as construction work or digging; playing sports such as basketball, football, or soccer; climbing Heavy 0.5


Step 3: Multiple Your BMR with Activity Factor Value

Mr. Alex has BMR of 1,743.20 calories. He spent most of his time in the office doing work on his laptop.

1,743.20 x 0.3 = 522.96 calories.

Mr. Alex needs 522.96 calories for his daily activities that he do – work in the office.


Step 4: Number of calories that you need for digestion and absorption of nutrients

Digestion and absorption of nutrients would use about 10 percent of your daily energy needs.

1,743.20 calories + 522.96 calories = 2,266.16 calories x 10% = 226.61 calories.


Step 5: Total Calories That You Need In A Day

Add total BMR, activity, digestion/absorption calorie equal to your total calories needed.

1,743.20 calories + 522.96 calories + 226.61 calories = 2,492.77 calories.

Mr. Alex would need 2,492.77 calories to maintain his weight of 74.5 kilograms.


If you find that manual calculation would take a long time or lots of hassle, there are now lots of calculator in health website that can help on this.

One of the calculators you can use, which I have set up as below:-


You can download some of these applications to your smartphone to help you monitor your daily calories intake.

  • Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal


Helps to record your basic calories consumption, provide simple charts on progress. It is available on IOS and Android for FREE.

  • Calorie Calculator – Health Integrated

Calorie Diary

Help to calculate your calories and have a dashboard so you can easily view and monitor your progress. Available in IOS and Android for FREE.



  • Lose it!


Able to get peer support that you need to achieve your goals. It comes with food database which you can monitor your calories intake. Available in IOS and Android for FREE.



These are some of the application that you can use. There are much more applications that you can find and use. Just check it out in your apps store.