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Looking for the best weight loss programs?

Obesity and overweight statistics are on the rise – not just in the States but also in Malaysia. It looks like the fast food we are eating and the kind of inactive jobs we have are making us fatter – and sicker.

In 2010, the World Health Organization or WHO recorded Malaysia as the sixth country in Asia with the highest number of overweight and obese adult individuals. Sixty percent of the total population of Malaysia is considered ‘overweight’ with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 and up (people who have BMIs of 30 and up are considered clinically obese), and these numbers are constantly growing.

People who have high-fat content in their bodies especially in the middle section (considered visceral fats) have a higher risk for deadly diseases like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and even kidney failure. This health concern is the primary reason why even hospitals are now offering fitness programs for people who are especially at risk.

Commercialized Fitness Clubs or Slimming Centers

The most common problem associated with people trying to lose weight, and hospitals aiming to help them, is that commercial fitness clubs or slimming centers are luring overweight and obese people into their business. The aim of these establishments is really only so they can make more money. You would usually encounter their enticing advertisements featuring female models with skinny bodies or males with robust muscles sending the message that enrolling in their fitness program will help you lose weight fast and effortlessly. Once you sign up, you will be given the option to lose weight via surgery or liposuction, through the use slimming creams and thermal wraps, via an exclusive access to a “magic exercise machine”, or by using a diet supplement.

But while these methods may work for most people, these are not the typically healthy ways to lose weight. Much often, once you sign up for a weight loss program sponsored by these commercial fitness clubs or slimming centers, within just weeks or days after losing your target weight, you realize that you immediately gained back the weight you lost just as fast and sometimes even faster than you lost it.

Holistic Ways to Lose Weightweight loss

Unless you stick with a healthy balanced diet and a regular exercise regimen, you will just regain the weight you lost and if you are unlucky, you might even double it due to the yo-yo effect of the unhealthy weight loss method you once enrolled yourself in.

Remember that losing weight is not just about getting a more beautiful or sexier body but more importantly, it is all about living healthy – free from life-threatening diseases associated with being over-weight or obese.

If truly you want to lose weight and feel good about yourself, then choose the more holistic ways to lose weight – healthy weight loss programs(such as TR90). Permanently eliminate unhealthy foods from your usual diet, live a more active lifestyle, and manage your stress and emotional well-being to prevent yourself from binge-eating.

Don’t be misguided by fad diets, magic weight loss pills and such methods to lose weight. If you love yourself, you will work hard to achieve a healthier weight through proven healthy, safe, and sustainable means.

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