Most Common Obesity Issues or Related Factors

Obesity is a major concern not just for people who are conscious about their own body image but also to people who care about their health. But did you know that these are not the only reasons why people decide or should decide to try to lose weight? The following are the most common reasons why people need to lose weight along with its associated debilitating effects…

Why You Need to Lose Excess Weight: Obesity Condition

For aesthetic reasons

  • For (physical) health reasons
  • Effect on one’s productivity at work
  • Social stigma
  • Issues related to a personal psychological and emotional well-being
  • Financial issues (or one’s Expenses)

Health, Beauty, and Fitness

Most people who undergo issues with obesity are usually affected most by its impact on one’s health, appearance, and physical capacity.

Sad to say there are industries that wouldn’t hire people whose health are at risk, and there are also those that wouldn’t hire individuals at all based on their looks (size and weight) – for instance if you are applying for a job as a stewardess. Even policemen have height and weight requirements, and cops are always required to be fit and healthy at all times while in the service.

Of course regardless of your job or chosen career, a person who is concerned about his/ her own health should want to consider losing weight to reduce his/ her risks for diseases. Nobody wants to live with diabetes and/ or high-cholesterol and be at constant risk for heart attack and untimely death.

Social and Psychological Issues

Not only do certain jobs discriminate against or put limits to people who are overweight or obese. Children or students suffering from obesity also suffer at school because they often become the target of bullying or insensitive teasing. Their self-esteems are greatly affected as well as their ability to make friends (or get a date, for young adults) and perform well at school or in the community.

People who are obese or overweight no matter what sex or age often experience a drop in self-confidence and poor self-worth, which eventually leads to serious depression (and sometimes even self-harming or suicidal tendencies for some.)

Increase of Monetary Expenses

Obesity also has an effect on one’s finances. Serious cases of obesity require one to take weight loss medications prescribed by his/ her doctor, and this, of course, means added expenses. One’s insurance costs may also increase if your insurance company realizes you are in a risky disposition to be given full benefits.

You may also experience having to pay more money while traveling on public transportations. Some airlines would usually require an over-weight or obese individual to pay for a first class seat or if not, buy 2 seats to accommodate his or her bulk without causing any discomfort to him- or herself and the other passengers.

So those are just some of issues related to the problem of being obese or overweight. This condition is really a debilitating concern in many aspects. Better try to lose some weight or forever live with the burden.

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