Link between Obesity and Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes has been confirmed to be related to Obesity. If you are heavy-weight and have a huge waist size, then it meanDiabetes and Obesitys glucose intolerance will soon be on its way risking your health. Studies have confirmed that being obese or overweight inhibits the effect of insulin in our bodies, which means there is a problem with regulating the sugar levels in our bloodstream. The primary cause of this is the accumulation of visceral fats or the fats surrounding the stomach or abdomen, not just under one’s epidermis or skin.

The main culprit is the hormone called resistin that is released by visceral fats, affecting the role or effect of insulin in regulating our blood sugar levels. The result: Glucose Intolerance. Studies reveal that the more visceral fats you have or the bigger your tummy, then the more resistin is released in your bloodstream, rendering your insulin inactive or ineffective.

Eating high-glycemic foods like white rice, breads, desserts, sugary or sweet foods and beverages, and other high-carbohydrate foods that instantly turn into glucose can also contribute to insulin resistance. The more often you eat these foods, the more you become at risk for diabetes and its debilitating effects to one’s health.

Effects of Diabetes or Glucose Intolerance

The following are the worse effects of diabetes or glucose intolerance: slow healing process, diabetic foot syndrome, retina detachment (loss of vision), and kidney damage.

If you have diabetes, a minor cut will take you months to heal so you become physically restricted to do things more carefully. Diabetes also causes one’s feet to go numb because of nerve damage, which may a lot of times lead to amputation because of serious injury.

If not treated fast enough, some people may also go blind because of diabetes.

Lastly, Diabetes (caused by stomach or visceral fat obesity) can also cause damage to one’s kidneys due to scarring, leading to dialysis and ultimately to kidney failure.

Diabetes Cannot Be Treated, Only Managed

Sad to say Diabetes cannot be cured but can only be managed by medications as well as a special diet to prevent it from getting worse. What is even more difficult is that people who undergo therapy for diabetics eventually become resistant to the treatment hence, requiring higher and higher doses of medicine to be given. Some people may even become 100 percent resistant to the drugs, hence the need for a total change in prescriptions.

Obesity and Diabetes Prevention – The Best Cure

The only way to treat Diabetes is to prevent yourself from getting obese; lose weight, and prevent yourself from accumulating visceral fats in you mid-section, the main culprit in causing one’s resistance to insulin. If your insulin works normally, then your body won’t have any problems regulating blood sugar, and you become free from related diseases.

Diabetes is a serious and scary disease that can affect anyone who is overweight and loves eating carbs and sweets. Even children could suffer from this life-threatening illness. As early as now, it helps to be informed as to how you can prevent it by losing weight.

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