Fast Food and Obesity

Obesity – it has become a very serious health crisis world-wide and “fast food” plays a huge part in it. Research has found that eating fast food greatly increases a person’s risks for obesity as well as type-2 diabetes.Fast food and Obesity

A 15-year study conducted by CARDIA (the Coronary Artery Risk Development In Young Adults) found that people who consumed fast food 2 or more times a-week gained weight and increased their insulin resistance compared to those who ate fast food only once a week or less. It was the fast food chains located near the schools (the research subjects) that were said to be directly affecting to the prevalence of obesity in those schools.

In 2009, a similar study conducted by the University of Berkley California concluded that the other types of restaurants (besides the fast foods) that were also located near the schools were not at all linked with the prevalence of obesity among the students or employees of the schools.

So Why Is Fast Food Fattening?

Fast food is very different from the foods found in typical restaurants. First of all, the main aim of fast food chains is to serve meals super “fast” hence, the foods they serve are usually pre-processed or in other words, prepared with the use of salts and preservatives so they can last longer and ready to cook then served once ordered. Fast foods are also usually cooked using fast methods especially through frying, which is a very unhealthy way to cook food.

To make matters even worse, even the drinks available in fast foods are ready-to-serve and very unhealthy. You can never find authentically prepared lemon iced teas in fast food chains, but rather, high-sugar high-calorie sodas that are fattening to every individual. The very ingredients used in fast foods are high-calorie, high-fat, high-energy, which if consumed in large quantities will automatically turn into excess fats stored inside one’s body.

Another factor that makes fast foods very fattening – is its addictive property.

A 2004 research done by the US Department of Agriculture confirms the link between eating fast food and fast weight gain among the 9,000 people who were subjected to this research.

A Healthier Way of Eating

While it is not totally dangerous to eat fast food (and/ or the other types of processed foods), the culprit is really how often you eat them. Due to the very busy world we have today, most people commit the mistake of relying on “fast” food almost 100 percent of the time instead of taking the time to cook or prepare healthy meals using natural ingredients.

Some people too have already gotten too addicted to the taste of fast food that they eat it every day regardless of how unhealthy it is. If you really can’t live without fast food, you can at least limit your consumption to only once a week to the most, and you should also make extra effort to exercise in order to shed the fats you gained from eating too much junk- and/ or fast foods.

Would you rather care for the taste and convenience of your food but risk your health, or would you rather eat tasty yet healthy meals instead?

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