Lifestyle and Obesity

Obesity does not result simply from over-eating and lack of exercise but is a consequence of modern lifestyle. Most people nowadays spend their time sitting and spending hours in front of computer or watching television, eating and indulging in video games, all without much mobility. The nationwide 3rd National Health and Morbidity survey (2006) found that almost half of Malaysian adults were leading a sedentary lifestyle. It was also found that more urban adults were sedentary compared to rural folk. This lack of physical activity amongst Malaysians must be one of the reasons for the high prevalence of overweight and obesity in the country. It must be one of the causes for the high prevalence of heart disease, diabetes and cancers.Junk Food and Tv

Lack of Regular Exercise

These days, most of the people do any physical activity or regular exercise. It is one of the prime reasons of obesity. Many children, teenagers and adults are becoming overweight because of lack of physical exercise. People spend several hours in front of computers and TVs for work and leisure activities. They don’t spend time for day to day workout. Research shows a direct correlation between watching TV and weight gain and obesity related diseases. Men who watched TV for more that 40 hours in a week, had a three times more risk of type-2 diabetes than those watched TV for less than 1 hour in a week.

Technological Advancement

Due to technological advancement, people only have to do few physical activities at home or at workplace. On the outdoor travelling, people prefer relying on cars or bikes instead of walking or cycling. It made our life inactive and contributing to gain weight. People don’t burn calories and increase risk of high blood pressure, colon cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes and other health issues.


When people quit smoking, they started gaining weight. The prime reason is the presence of nicotine in cigarettes that increases the rate of burning calories. That’s why people burn lesser calories after quiting smoking. Another reason is also because taste buds become active and food become tastes better, and people start eating more. Anyhow, smoking is a not a good habit and it is very important to quit it.

Prevent Obesity by Changing Current Lifestyle

With the benefits of healthier lifestyle, we can get rid of obesity and can lead a stress free life. Public health regulators and medical service providers are making continuous efforts so that people can realize the importance of follow healthy lifestyle. We can follow underlying healthy lifestyle tips to reduce obesity and related problems.

  • Regular physical exercise
  • High consumption of fruits and vegetables in the diet.
  • Take less calories and burn more calories
  • Avoiding Fast Food or Junk Food.
  • Quit alcohols and drugs
  • Avoid drinks and beverages which contain high glucose levels
  • Watching TV programs and playing Video Games for a long time is one of the reasons of obesity. So it is very important to change this lifestyle to prevent obesity.

It is important to change your lifestyle and encourages yourself to get a lean body and balanced by learning how to encourage yourself, work out and eat right.

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